When I was a child, and my mother was drinking, I would cry myself to sleep at night, holding onto teddy bears and blankets and the hope that one day things might be okay, things might be ‘normal’ and all the problems I had would disappear before adolesence and adulthood.

And I can remember my mum stumbling in with her wine glass and telling me: “You wait until you have a real life experience. Then you’ll know what depression is”.

Life isn’t fair. There are so many people who have woken up and thought: What a glorious day. I have years left to enjoy my partner, my children, my beautiful life, only to die in some horrific and unpredictable manner later that day. There are kids who lose parents and parents who lose kids. I always wonder how many people look at the backs of those walking away, thinking to themselves “I’ll see them soon”, only to hear of their death a few days later. Then there’s me. I wake every morning and think about how much I hate myself; I question how I am not yet a lifeless corpse in an unvisited grave. I try and try and try to cease in existing but I never seem to succeed. Take my life, not the lives of people who want to live.

Aw I love these hoes


pretty girls with a messy bun and baggy shirts look hot as fuck but when I do it it’s like I’ve been doing drugs for 5 days straight




if you ever wondered what the voice of Finn does out of Adventure Time, here it is.

I’m so done with my life. The fact that this is literally fucking Finn the Humans voice I just- I can’t.

i can’t breathe rn he’s my king tbh



always give your puppy 3000000000 kisses a day

even when they’re not puppies anymore and they’re old and grey and cant get out of bed so easy on cold mornings and they forget some things give them 3000000000 extra kisses so they remember you love them

Feel like death warmed up

What is this piece of shit flu, I literally cannot walk because I’m so exhausted, and every step makes my head hurt, and my nose is runny, and my throat is scratchy, and I’m horribly hot AND I HATE EVERYTHING.

I’m lying down feeling sorry for myself because my whole body hurts and my thoughts are hurting a lot too

My stomach is still all fucked up from last week’s OD and now I have the fucking flu like what even.